Funny Hair Loss Stuff

Far be it from me to make light of hair loss, but there is some stuff out there that's pretty good.

(Most of my funny links are now dead... send me more!)   Greg's barbershop homepage   Buzztown Barber Shop   Bald Is Beautiful!  For when you grow back all your hair   Jim's Haircut Homepage   The Mullet Page Check out this Guy! I especially like the one way to the right, looking good!   Some Folly Graph pictures look at how sad the bald Joey is and look out how happy he is in that hot itchy rug... and who's the mean looking guy in the left corner?   It's Cappy, maybe he should wear the cap as when this rug is wet it will be crappy.   The cut off the caption for the lower right corner the chick looking at his head is going "This toupee looks horrible when wet.  I can see the membrane and everything."

(Ok why so hard on folligraft, besides my horrible experiences with hair pieces in general.  It's their horrible infomercials and commercials I see ever 5 minutes where they use all the sly marketing I've seen before.  The guy with a wig, happy and with a girl, the guy without sad and lonely.  I hate it when the salesmen runs his hands through the wig and says it looks and feels like real hair, if anyone has hair that springs like that I would like to met them.  Then the basing of Minox and Propecia (or the drug that will make you go impotent as they call it.)

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