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I want and need your hair loss/hair restoration stories.  This is your chance to let others know what worked or what did not work for you.  If you love your hair piece let me know, if you had a hair transplant and hope no one else ever does let me know.  This forum is for your true experiences and not what you heard another person did.  If you want your story to be anonymous that's fine just let me know, if you would like to include your e-mail in case others have questions that would be great.   You can e-mail me your story and I will HTML it and host it for you or I can link your site.

NEW Australian Story   Great story about an Australian's experace with ahir loss and it's many treatments

NEW  www.4mgq.com/brette/welcome.htm   Another good stie with personal experiance.

NEW  hairagain.iwarp.com/   Personal experiance site (Wow does this layout and information look fimilar :) Glad to see more people doing this)

NEW   members.xoom.com/George_Miu/hair/    George Miu and his pictures and treatment

NEW  hometown.aol.com/akonatak1/myhomepage/index.html    A tweny year old and his battle with hair loss.

www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/dreams/317/   mjbong herbal/homeopathic treatment

Steve's Story

www.yahoo.com  Ok follow me on this one go to yahoo and then click on yahoo mail.  Log in with the username norwood66 and password norwood6  He has pictures of himself in there attached to e-mails.  It's ok for you to view (see Regrowth's discussion areas)

www.vircom.net/todd/itshair.html    Good site with before and after picture

www.geocities.com/Heartland/Flats/2551/    Great site with pictures of one man's battle with hairloss using transplants

netropolis.org/peej/bwa.html    PJ's story

www.geocities.com/Athens/1397/hair.html   Another guys treatment, but it hasn't been updated in a long long time

www.regrowth.com/results.cfm      John Ertel the Regrowth webmaster's results

www.mcs.net/~scott/html/bald.html One guys view of life with no hair  (THIS IS SITE GONE!!!  But someone had a copy so here is the article that was on this site!)

mailbox.gif (1062 bytes)   hair4me@yahoo.com