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There are all my own personal options agree with them or not but this is how I feel.   Hope it helps.

Never go to A&E Hair Fashions, 5781 Bridge St # 30, East Syracuse, NY 13057, (315) 445-1177
News Flash:  A&E has a web site!  I hope the people at dreamscape on-line ripped them off on this as A&E was done to everyone else, boy I wish I got that job.   Anyway, If you don't know who A&E is consider yourself lucky!  Read My Story to find out what they did to me.  Anyway keep reading to get to the rest of my suggestions, but here is my special A&E web site section (ok it is in suggestions area but it is my web site and I'll put it where I want)
-   Is there main page a quick quote "A&E Hair Fashions rose to
be the largest state-of-the-art hair replacement facility in Upstate New York. Because of it's strong belief in consumer education and awareness, it's highly skilled and dedicated staff, and it's top-notch products and services, A&E Hair Fashions is the #1 hair replacement company offering surgical and non-surgical hair replacement technologies." Now the truth, first this place has like 2 rooms for people, they have a separate area for women which probably has like 2 rooms also, if this place is the largest then....   Strong belief in consumer education = My education was your bald we will help you with an transplants, no? ok then an undetectable integrated system (Truth ugly obviously poor quality toupee).   Top-notch products = ugly rugs.  If A&E is the #1 hair replacement company we should all be very scared.
- They go through the different Norwood classes and how they would mangle you, I was a 3A when I went there, they obviously don't know what to do with a 3A as they left me off the chart but I checked out there Type II and III page and the Type III (vertex), IV and V page. First on the II and III page they state "medications still do not provide a viable option. Non-surgical intervention, making use of the client's own front hair line while filling in areas of the temples becomes more attractive." They want to put a rug (they call it Non-surgical intervention) on you BEFORE you try Rogaine/Propecia?  Also they say "Transplant surgery may also provide a viable option if the age of the patient is appropriate" Well I was 19 at the time and they were all set to put me in the chair and take even more money, transplants were pushed heavily to someone who's pattern was not known!  The III(vertex), IV and V page says "For treatment of thinning of the crown area only, men can start a regimen of RogaineŽ and/or PropeciaŽ."  Funny when I went there they said "Rogaine doesn't work and that pill that will be coming out won't either"   (Note Propecia was not released at the time of this conversation).  Their story will change once they get you there and later on in the page the tell you to get scalp reduction surgery!  They still do this very dangerous operation!
- They talk again in the site about Rogaine and Propecia and how it works for some people (They said Rogaine will have modest re-growth in 5% of people)  Again I have to say that once you get there I'm sure they promote these choices as dangerous and full of side effects, well take a look at the results on my page.  Instead they promote Scalp Reductions, Flap Rotation, and bad toupees.
- Transdermal Hair Restoration THR is a toupee plan and simple.
- = Lies
-   This page is too funny I want a spot! Maybe I'll make one up and send it to be added.  Oh and notice the person in the 2nd and 6th (last) picture is the same guy!   I'm sure these aren't real people as where would they find 5 people satisfied with A&E?  Actually the 1st and 3rd picture might be the same guy too.
- Finally, wow this went long, A&E Hair Fashions Innovators & Designers of Natural Hair Replacement = what is natural about taking plastic trying strings on it and gluing it to your head.  Now more suggestions...

Go to and read everything.

Before starting anything research it thoroughly.  Some Doctors are ignorant to hair loss treatments and concerns but you still should consult one before starting treatments.

Use Proscar/Propecia and Rogaine 5% (The 5% is much better then the 2%) and stick with it through the sheds (if any).

Proscar/Propecia work better in general on younger men (< 30) and people who have just started losing. 

The less then 2% of men that Merck says experience sexual side effects is actually higher.

Do not get a toupee (hair system or whatever else they call them).  You will exchange worrying about hair loss to worrying about who can tell.  You will have the sensation of having a rug on your head all day long.  Some slick sales man will try and sell you an undetectable system... They are lying!  Toupees are extremely expensive and hard to maintain also.  Read hairsystems 101 for another opinion which I agree with.

Do not get a transplant.  Especially if you are young and do not know what your pattern will be.

Shedding does not mea you lose 40 hairs in the shower.  When I first started loosing I would loose over 1000 in the shower. Yes I counted with my handy hair snare from Nioxin (Read My Story).  But when I went through sheds it was hundreds and hundreds of hairs in the shower.  It was being able to "comb out" 150 hairs no problem.  You normally lose 150 hairs a day to lose 100 or so in the shower is NORMAL you are just noticing them more and more because you are worried about it.  You are in a shed when you are at 400 in the shower.  Oh yea and for me every time they have grown back.  They just get on a new "cycle" with the Proscar/Propecia and so they all fall out at the same time.  

Shampoos do not grow hair.  Some shampoos are beneficial as they keep the scalp healthily.  A healthy scalp will keep hair growing healthier.  Rogaine and some other treatment can cause flaking and itchiness this is not good for hairloss so I use T-Gel and Nizoral to control but do not believe any of the shampoos alone can grow anything.

Cover-Ups such as Covre and Toppiak work much better then you might think.  They can actually look pretty good.

I have yet to see a well documented success story by using herbs... If Herbal Grow really worked do you think they would have to have infomercials to try and sell that stuff.

Staying healthy by eating right, exercising, and not smoking might not grow more hair but you will live longer to enjoy the hair that Rogaine/Propecia grew.  (Just kidding eating right feeds the new growth, exercising gets the blood flowing to get nutrients to the hair, and smoking can cause the blood vessels in the head to shrink and starve the hair of blood)

Be happy.  That is tough sometimes as I know I went into a depression over my hair loss.  It is really hard to be so young but look so old.  If you are older remember that people go bald.  I will be bald someday and that's just fine with me.   I'd like to hold that day off but someday it will all catch up with me and I'll still be the same person and enjoy this blessing of life we have been given just the same!


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