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Treatment from the first year.

Month 13 - October 1, 1998

    One Year!  I am completely satisfied the scalp I knew so well as I constantly fretted over it in the mirror of a year ago is covered nicely.  Kinda funny because in a year this is one of the most discouraging times.  No side effects and only treatment change this month is I've run out of Nano also.  The shed is real and it's here.  The first few weeks I was loosing a lot but no real cosmetic effect other then my part was getting a little wider.  Well by the last week of October all the kinky hairs on top were gone 300 or so a day.  It is a cosmically noticeable shed without a doubt.  It is definably not as worse as I thought it would be for the amount of hair I'm losing and I am still no where near as bad as where I started, but I feel more comfortable in the hats for a bit until it all grows back again in a month and I know it will.  The hair left on top is all about an inch long and very soft and non kinky I believe most is non-Minox hair.  It is very funny as it looks like I got a hair cut, I get that all the time.  The only problem is the sides are still longer and bushy.  By the way in case I didn't mention it before the sides and back of my head have also gotten much thicker during the treatment, I have a tough time getting a comb through there.  Well the last week of October the shed finally settled down to about 100 a day in the shower and 50 in a comb out.  Probably because there aren't many of those kinky inch and a half long hairs left.  I have resupplied in Nano and Nizoral and have added them to the routine again.  No side effects (other then shedding) at all.

Month 14 - November 1, 1998   

    Well it's over.  The one year shed has ended.   I'm still having good days and bad between 50-300 in the shower but more good then bad and it's growing back rapidly.  I am back on Nano shampoo and Nizoral regularly along with T-Gel and L'Oreal thicker fuller.  I have no real pattern.  I have been off the Saw Palmetto and NAC for no other reason then I keep forgetting.  Still using 1 ml of 5% Rogaine twice a day and 1.25 mg of Proscar in the morning.  Results feel and look great.  Still have the problem with the very right temple.  If anyone has any information on the high percentage gels please e-mail me any results as I'm looking into trying that on the right temple.  Started getting some acne which could be a possible side effect of the Proscar but my skin does not feel oily at all.  Last week and shedding is done and gone and it is looking great.  Ran out of 5% and I'm using 2% until I can get to Sam's Club (3 bottles for 50 bucks can't beat that!)

Month 15 - December 1, 1998   

    Looking excellent!  My hair is in the best shape in years.  Right temple is still weak but hey looking at pictures it is better then it was almost 4 years ago!  The top is thick and solid even the part has sealed right up so hardly any scalp shows.  Even out of the shower it's not that bad and when it is dry you could never tell I even had a problem once.  I'm only loosing about 40 hairs in the shower.  Want to get off this 2% before the itching sets in.   Side effects are still pretty much none except my sex drive is way up again.   It seems to do this after ever shed and usually is with a period of good growth.   I have never had any decrease in libido from Proscar.  Loss has picked up the last week.

Month 16 - January 1, 1999   

    Things are going alright.  There is more loss then normal but it is only about 100 or so in the shower.  It really hasn't seemed like much loss but I think it has made more of a cosmetic difference then I expected.   Treatment is still 1.25 mg or Proscar in the morning and Rogaine 5% in morning and evening.  Shampoo are cycled between Nano, Nizoral, L'Oreal Thicker Fuller, and T-Gel.  I am not taking any of the herbs this month.  Dandruff seems a little high also.  Nizoral and T-Gel don't seem to be bringing it down much either, but it is not itchy.  Looking at the picture in the July Treatment Month 10 the front is still a little thin in the red area, but the trouble spot in the back has completely filled in. Stay tuned...

Month 17  February 1, 1999  - Month 24 October 1, 1999

    Wow all this time and not much changes in treatment, side effects or results!  I have changed my treatment for financial reasons to generic Indian Proscar (Fincar first now Finast) from  I take 1.25 mg (one quarter) pill in the morning along with 1 ml of 5% Rogaine.  I wash my hair with Nizoral (1% OTC) 3 times a week, T-Gel 2 times a week and L'Oreal Thicker Fuller 2 times a week.   In the evening I use 1 ml of 5% Rogaine and that is it.  I haven't been using any herbs or anything different.  No side effects at all, I get some dandruff now and then but I skip a treatment and use T0Gel and it clears up.  The sheds of the past don't happen, now and then I "comb out" and can count 40 or so hairs but I think the hair growth is staged enough that it all doesn't fall out and once anymore.  As for results... well not updating the page in forever should be a clear indications I am very happy with results.  I even was in a hot tub during spring break and had wet hair and someone was taking pictures, I was nervous but when I say those pictures a few weeks later there was no difference between myself and others and in fact I looked more hared then a few.   For those of you that have had this embarrassment you can imagine how elated I was.   I rarely ware hats but still want my hair to dry before heading out.  The right temple is my problem spot and does not want to come in I kinda style with a mini comb over but the comb over hairs are sparse and have been since starting treatment as pictures show.

Month 28 - February 1, 2000   

    Well treatment is the same, but I feel my results have slipped a little.  It has become a little thinner over the top in the past few months.  It is still better then how it was say even a year into treatment, but down a bit from a few months ago.  Maybe it is just a cycle but top is the main effected part, you can notice this on top dry pictures that more scalp is visible.  I have looked into adding Xandrox or something, but am not as educated in hair loss as I was in the beginning with checking alt.baldspot and almost hourly :).  If anyone has results or advice let me know.  I will reevaluate in a few months and decide then if I should add something to treatment.


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